Sunday, May 16, 2010

LA 0 TFC 0 - a sweet road point both unexpected and promising

Toronto FC played the top team in the MLS, Los Angeles Galaxy, on their Carson, California home turf and came away with a tie. This gave TFC their first point on the road in 2010. 
Chad Barrett and Dwayne DeRosario have to be given a lot of credit for creating plenty of offensive pressure on LA in the first 60 minutes. This was done despite an ultra-defensive midfield of Labrocca, Saric, Sanyang and Cronin.  The threat of Toronto stealing a goal was something that prevented LA from getting off to a powerful start.

LA turned the pressure on for much of the last half hour. Toronto defended with tenacity and some intelligence, backed by solid keeping by Stefan Frei. It was the second game in a row for the back four of Garcia, Cann, Attakora and Usanov and the the defensive consistentcy is starting to show.
Amadou Sanyang, who was guilty of passing the ball away constantly in the first half, was able to play as a central disruptive force.  It was a relief to watch Saric draw LA fouls instead of recklessly throwing himself about. Usanov is still an adventure to watch as he loses his man in dangerous areas far too often.
You have to give points to the veteran Nick Garcia for a solid game at left back. Gabe Gala was the best of the subs, he provided relentless coverage and counter-attack down the left wing. Peterson was less impressive down the right.
Although you might suspect that Landon D. and Edson B. might have had their heads already on the plane to South Africa, Toronto will gladly take the point. Vancouver on Wednesday remains a very big game, but the Los Angeles game sure seems like a turning point for TFC 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Solid point for TFC.
Totally agree that Barrett and DeRosario had a great first half and when Barrett was clipped down in the second half it should have been a red card from the Ref not yellow. Garcia on the other hand was weak on the leaf side and the Galaxy ran at our designated pylon through out the entire second half.Cann and Attakora continue to play solid in the centre and I thought Usanov had a good physical game.Frei was a wall and was the reason we got our point.The team is getting some confidence and as Frei said in his interview we're gellin.