Saturday, May 22, 2010

Toronto 1 New England 0 - Chad, Chad, Chad!

I had to settle for watching the game on tv today. My  role as U14 coach took me to Port Elgin for a 11 am game which made the 1 pm Toronto FC start simply an impossible conflict. This might have been the first time I was 100% in agreement with Mr. Preki. A 7pm start would have suited me perfectly ( and driven the CBC insane)
My right hand man, Trout FC did attend, so I will give preference to the insights of the fan who was there.

-I thought Sanyang played really well, bumping heads with Shalrie Joseph throughout the whole match.  Sure, his passing still isn't good enough, but he really gave Joseph a run for his money.  Joseph didn't really put a mark on the game and I think that's all because of Sangyang.  He's a long way from being JDG, but I think opposition midfielders won't enjoy playing against him.

-Chad Barrett must have a lot of confidence, to try and chip the keeper at speed.  A lot of people down there were moaning and groaning about the miss, I think it shows us a new side of him.  When he puts that one in, we'll all celebrate.  He really drove the team.

-Really, though, the day belonged to the keepers.  Frei and Burpo were excellent.  Glad TFC came out on top.  Frei really seems to be
a) putting his stamp on the team, controlling his defenders and even bossing Garcia around and…
b) is gaining in confidence, just like Barrett.  There's no doubt in my mind he's confident of his own abilities, and is in charge back there.  The thought keeps coming to my mind 'how long will he be here?"

But, the really great thing today was the men's washrooms.  By the way, this would be a higher ranked highlight and butt of more jokes if TFC had lost today.  MLSE, in an effort to get beer drinkers to spend more time in the washroom has installed new mats in all the urinals.  Check out .  Something new and different, and it sure gave me a laugh!  The ball is suspended by a little string or wire, so it moves when you pee on it!  I kept thinking, it's not a goal unless the whole of the ball crosses the line.  Maybe Preki put one of these in Chad Barrett's personal washroom!  How else do you explain the change?
Thanks Trout. 
So the undefeated at home streak continues. We must give credit to TFC for  overcoming the lack of DeRo, JDG and Nana and grabbing a solid win.

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