Friday, July 2, 2010

TFC 1 Houston 1- Midfield contributes more red cards than goals

Or should the headline be "Midfield contributes more reds cards than shots on target". The scoring woes continue with Toronto FC, although they came from behind to tie the Houston Dynamo at BMO Saturday night. It was a game where Toronto's mess of a midfield continues to annoy.  DeGuzman picked up his red card for throwing a punch in a tussle down by Toronto's goal. The Houston midfielder Ngwenya inspired Attakora's physical response by not stopping at a whistle. DeGuzman expressed his displeasure too. I wish I had seen DeGuzman's punch clearly, it would have been the first time he has hit a target at BMO Field this year. The central midfield of Toronto, whether they use DeGuzman, Sanyang or Saric (who did not play against Houston) is just too defensive. Sanyang continues to struggle with the ball and I suspect that it was his assignment to cover Brian Ching when he scored for the Dynamo on the corner kick. The wings, whether using Peterson, Labrocca or Gala, is unable to carry any sustained attack. The midfield is all hold and no spark.
I am not letting the forwards off the hook for the lack of potency. Chad works and works, O'Brien White chugs and struggles, DeRo holds and looks for someone to respond. The late substitute Fuad Ibrahim provided the only bright spot, it was his corner kick to the far post that Dan Gargan headed for the goal.
TFC needs a few more Dan Gargans. You know that the back four are solid when the excellence of Gargan, Cann and Attakora allow them to carry along Nick Garcia out to the left.
TFC have gained 3 points in their last 3 home games. You can look on the bright side (you know the TFC front office will) and say that a home stretch with only one goal given up is a sign of defensive and goalkeeping strength. The flip side holds my attention, three games with only one goal scored is getting to be offensive.
So this means 6 points that will have to be picked up on the road if this is to be a playoff year. If the attack looks like this after the month of June off, what does the future hold?  There had better be scoring help on the horizon. July 15th, I believe, is the date where MLS summer signings are announced. It is a date circled on my calendar.


Anonymous said...

The game was last night (Thursday) not Saturday!

stillkicking said...

Ok, I am having a Canada Day problem. The night before I was convinced that it was Friday. Then all Canada Day I felt it was Saturday (explain why all the stores were closed though) and today I keep on thinking that it is Saturday. I am looking forward to tomorrow, the third Saturday in a row!!

Oh, but don't you love Holland?!