Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toronto FC brings back bad habits- Philly 2 Toronto 1

Toronto FC were almost able to steal a point from Philadelphia Saturday afternoon. Although TFC barely deserved it from their level of play, Chad Barrett had tied the game late and it looked like a road point was in the bag. Then Maxim Usanov was called on a hand ball in the box and Philly Union's Le Toux beat Frei on the pk.

I suspect that I am suffering from a World Cup hangover. I figure that the hangover started for most footy fans during the WC 2010 final last weekend. The final was a dud as entertainment. We need a dose of the "beautiful game"

Toronto might have made some minor steps forward in the Preki era, but they are not the team you want to see if you want to avoid entertainment duds. Grind it out defending and an attack that sputters and sprays passes around the province is what's on the menu. Those old bad habits of TFC -giving up late goals and losing to expansion teams- were brought back for the game at PPL Park.

There are just too many passengers on the squad judging from the effort against the Union. Fuad Ibriham, Nick Garcia, Maxim Usanov need to spend more time on the bench. I hope that getting Mista into the squad might mean a shuffle- but more help is needed.

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