Sunday, August 8, 2010

TFC 2 Chivas 1 Toronto looks poised, but not yet potent

Do I believe in this team? Do you believe in this team?
 I feel that TFC fandom has had a strange season. I think the image that sticks with me is one of a ship (maybe those formative Argo years are getting to me). Toronto FC is the ship, but one still being constructed and tied to the dock. Some games you think the ship is ready to sail and some games you think there is still work to do.
 It was encouraging to watch TFC defeat Chivas USA Saturday afternoon. Here it is August and the team is showing plenty of signs of being seaworthy, but at the end Chivas was still threatening to pull a point out of a game that they barely contested.
Maybe we wanted a goal scoring explosion after the efficient success of the 2-2 game in Honduras. It was a timely win, just not a fully convincing one. The first half had me dreaming of the Father's Day 07 thrashing of Colorado. The second half started strong but the energy ebbed away and by the end it was a matter of hanging on and grinding it out.
Encouraging Signs.
Chad Barrett, Dero and Maicon Santos’ rock ‘em, sock em adventure of a first half.
Stefan Frei continues to be the backbone of this team. He makes incredible diving saves seem ordinary. Only the very dubious penalty call got by him.
Maicon Santos and Mista bring attacking quality to the team. Could TFC go to a 4-2-2-2?
Putting Nene and JDG together
Then Dero and Mista
Chad and Maicon Santos up front?

Discouraging Signs
Maicon Santos going out due to injury.
Not converting the first half onslaught into more than 2 goals.
Joseph Nane is a surprise and a huge upgrade to Sanyang, but we are still seeing a midfield that does not generate attack in the middle of the field- except get the ball to Dero and still not much in the winger department. We saw Labrocca, Peterson, JDG and Ibrahim all have time on one wing or the other, but I don't think anyone has grabbed the job.
Dan Gargan's yellow means that he will miss the game in New York Wednesday . Here's hoping that Chicago takes a lot out of the Red Bulls in the Sunday game.


Anonymous said...

Sanyang is better than Nane in my opinion

stillkicking said...

Here is how I see it.
Sanyang brings speed and energy to defending, his tackles can have real bite, but often to the point of picking up yellow cards.
Sanyang is too often an accident waiting to happen when he has the ball at his feet. Passing is poor and dribbling leads to giveaways.
Nane is better at handling the ball. passes are strong, he seems to see the field better and has a few dribbling moves (or just the confidence to try things)
For his defending, he is not as flashy as Sanyang. Stays on his feet, relies on position rather than flying into the tackle, has a solid size that he uses well.
Don't get me wrong, I have been saying for two seasons now that Sanyang has huge potential- he is only nineteen- Nane seems to have won a spot for now though.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of Nane over Sanyang , but the real story of our midfield now and in the future is the failure of Deguzman to excel at delivering the ball forward.
Is he worth DP money? lately I'm not so sure.