Sunday, August 1, 2010

Willing to forgive Saturday (KC 1 TFC 0) if victory returns on Tuesday in Honduras

The ugliest aspect of the evening was the camera angle used for the long view at the KC ballpark. I know that Community America is a baseball stadium and the camera position must be messed up because of it. Still it was ugly, I felt that I was watching a game from the stadium next door. It is wonderful news that with the new KC stadium opening next June, I may never have to watch a broadcast from that ballpark ever again.
Ugly too was the header from Adrian Cann that Teal Bunbury scored from. It is a defensive fundamental to funnel balls away from the middle of the park, Cann has not been prone to making mistakes like that this year. I am hoping that it was a blip.
Ugly continued with the TFC midfield. The offensive spark of Peterson and Labrocca has been underwhelming this year and it was the same old story in KC. When you place Nane and JDG in the middle, you sacrifice attack for defensive strength. Where, O where is the winger signing that Mo mentioned? Dobson mentioned on the broadcast the sad fact that JDG has yet to score for TFC. Will he ever?
An ugly night. I am hoping for beauty this Tuesday.

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