Wednesday, November 24, 2010

6 players gone - OBW in the draft, 5 released with a farewell and a train ticket

Today saw the selection of O'Brien White in the expansion draft. The Vancouver Whitecaps took him in a move that I have been predicting for months. It is an understatement to call him a struggling striker in his time with Toronto. May he rejuvenate his career out in B.C., but not to the extent that he scores against Toronto.
Once the draft was over TFC released five players;  Gabe Gala, Martin Saric, Maxim Usanov, Raivis Hscanovics and Mista.
Gabe Gala has been with the team since year one and you knew when the team started adding Academy players to the roster that Gala's opportunity to grab a spot on this team had passed. He is only 21 years of age though, so he may find a pro soccer path one day. He retains his claim to fame, the only Toronto player to have scored against Real Madrid.
Saric, Usanov and Hscanovics' departures are also no surprise. This trio were Mo and Preki's big moves for 2010 and we all know how the season went. Saric was a tough tackler, but you felt that he was just a red card waiting to happen. Usanov showed some flair with bringing the ball forward. Enough flair that in the summer I thought that maybe he should be playing as a winger. That was also due to his habit of getting lost on defensive assignments far too often. Hscanovics had no impact and gave way to Nick Garcia at the left back position. That has to haunt him.
The departure of Mista was the least surprising of all moves today. He did score in the game against Cruz Azul. That might have been both his debut and his one highlight for the season. Economical of him. Economy was seldom a consideration when talking about Mista in Toronto. He was here on designated player money and it was a total waste of time. Adios Mista.


stillkicking said...

Update- Vancouver traded OBW today to the Seattle Sounders in return for allocation money. There are a flurry of deals happening now that the draft is done.

Anonymous said...

Saric was too slow to be a central d-mid so he ended up taking too many fouls and subsequent cards or was bypassed completely on the counterattack. The other maligned guys (Sanyang and Nane) won more legal challenges/tackles than he did. He parlays an exotic passport (Croat-Argentine) into year long stays at more clubs than Jack Nicklaus: based exclusively on his play, if his name was Smith and he came from the English Championship he would easily have been the de facto whipping boy on this team.