Monday, November 22, 2010

Toronto FC exposes a few for the expansion draft

According to SBI (Soccer by Ives) Toronto FC have made the following players available to the two expansion teams, Portland and Vancouver, for the expansion draft this Wednesday.

Toronto FC
Chad Barrett, Julian deGuzman, Gabe Gala, Nick Garcia, Raivis Hscanovics, Fuad Ibrahim, Milos Kocic, Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez, Joseph Nane, Amadou Sanyang, Martin Saric, Maxim Usanov, O'Brian White.
That means that the protected players are ;
Jon Conway
Nana Attakora
Dan Gargan
Adrian Cann
Dwayne De Rosario
Ty Harden
Nick Labrocca
Jacob Peterson
Stefan Frei (I)
Maicon Santos (I)
Emmanuel Gomez (I)
Home Grown:
Nicolas Lindsey
Doniel Henry

A few shockers and a few developments in that information. Protecting Gomez must be an indication that his health outlook is a positive one. Expose Chad and protect Peterson has me scratching my head. Protecting Nick Labrocca and exposing Amadou Sanyang is another puzzle.
 On one hand, perhaps the Designated Player salary of JDG makes him a tough pick for expansion teams, yet I thought he had a no-trade contract. Remember that TFC can have a max of two players taken and once one is picked they can protect another. So lose Chad, you protect JDG or vice versa. 
I think that Chad is tempting for Portland, OBW tempting for Vancouver. I am afraid that Chad Barrett is now the most likely unprotected Toronto player to be selected on Wednesday.

Conway protected and Kocic exposed seems to be a big vote of confidence in the big back-up keeper.
I would say that protecting Ty Harden is a pleasant surprise, he seemed to me to be one of the best salary bargains on the team. Keeping Gargan, Cann, Attakora makes a lot of sense.

Stay tuned, the expansion draft is only one aspect of the changes possible. Already there have been trades made as teams would prefer to get another player in return rather than the one way selection route.


Anonymous said...

Chad is my only worry of losing. But if you look at the list of all the MLS players on the "unprotected" list, and holy there is a lot more tempting stuff out there then Chad Barrett. There is not only one but TWO! Great Canadian goalkeepers (Sutton, Onstad) unportected. Plus the Columbus Crew have opted not to protect the 'columbus poster-boys' who they are getting rid of like Schletto and Hejduk. You've got the likes of Cunningham, Ljungberg, Allsop. Let's not forget New York's Carl Robinson?! and Juan Pablo Angel. Don't even start me on Atiba Harris not being protected Atiba Harris is a great player, who had a big role in FC Dallas goal during the Cup Final.

You can obviously see how i'm not afraid of really losing anybody, what they're going to pass over all those great players just to take Chad Barrett (FOR THAT AMMOUNT OF MONEY) Don't make me laugh.

- Zac

stillkicking said...

I hear you loud and clear Zac. Losing Chad is a concern for me too. Remember that the drafting teams will already have a few players to bring with them from last year's team and the college draft ahead. Why not go for the
strategy of going cheap elsewhere on the roster and over spend in the striker department? Starting next season in Portland with Chad and Atiba Harris as your strikers seems to be a strong statement. Yikes!