Thursday, January 6, 2011

TFC management group introduced or Orange meets the Reds


In case your resolution was to avoid online chatter, here is the official TFC leadership group announced at the ACC press conference today.

There is  a team approach to the new TFC leadership.  So forgive me if my labels are simple. Aron Winter seems to be both coach and technical director. Bob deKlerk is his assistant coach.
Paul Mariner seems to be the player acquistion guy.

It was also mentioned that Jim Brennan, Earl Cochrane and Nick Dasovich are staying with Toronto.
Asif on the live chat confirmed that Danny Dichio stays too.

There were really no other nuggets of information that came forward at today's press conference. Player moves might have to wait for the opening of the transfer window, signings and the draft.

It does seem like a fresh start. The future starts today...

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