Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dawn of a new season, new management, new era?

I have reached the part of winter where the logic has gone and I have managed to develop the sense that cold, snowy, icy weather will be a permanent part of my life. Once this frigid grip has taken hold of my little brain it becomes so difficult for TFC news to penetrate. The calendar may say one thing (TFC training camp has opened in Turkey), but as long as winter vistas dominate the world outside my window, I am not ready for the new season fever quite yet.

So what Toronto FC news trickled into my igloo in recent days?
A flock of press conferences that I have sampled and have reached the following conclusions - Deguzman has a new haircut and seems to be ready for a new start. Dero is back, but is he really?

 Ex- Coach Nick Dasovich seems to be gone from TFC - this was hardly a shock, there seemed to be an incredibly expanding front office with Toronto taking on new leadership and retaining most of the old supporting cast.

Houston Dynamo has been shifted to the Eastern Conference for 2011. You don't need to be a geographical genius to see that the adding of Montreal in 2012 will mean that Houston won't stay eastern long term.

Interesting that Coach Winter was quoted as hoping to add a 2nd designated player before the season started. He seems to want to build a team from the start. Hopefully the old Mo trickle through the season with a patchwork roster system is gone for good.

The Toronto FC website had a simple posting that told us who was attending the training camp in Turkey. This was a welcome development. We know that the players choosen in the supplemental draft were not invited to Turkey and will join camp when it is based in Florida. There is also talk that some players based in the Americas will trial starting in Florida rather than going across to Turkey. The on field product is still an unknown, but there seems to be a sense of order to the proceedings so far.

I think that my igloo just shifted and I can hear the trickle of melting ice.

For the record training camp roster here

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