Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three players land roster spots after Turkish training camp?

There is nothing official yet, but Coach Winter mentioned that the Dutch trialists below have been signed following the Turkish training camp. Bouchiba is the veteran player, but the other two are on the young side of 25.

The other news of late was the selection of TSN as the MLS Canadian broadcaster. I hold nothing back on this one, I hate TSN. The underlying tone to their broadcasts is whatever you are watching (and in my case it is mostly Raptors basketball and PGA) you are really just a hockey fan and they will use every break to update you on the NHL latest. Listen you puckheads, I don't care. TSN, I don't think you are capable of imagining how little I care about the NHL. I just know that you are going to mess up Toronto FC broadcasts beyond description. Then you will punctuate your awful shows with the latest from testosterone concussion land. You heard it here first.

Elbekay Bouchiba - Midfielder

Javier Martina - Striker

Nick Soolsma - Striker

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