Friday, March 11, 2011

Nick LaBrocca traded to Chivas USA for Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon - clearly a physical player
Toronto FC made a move today, trading LaBrocca (who TFC obtained in the Marvell Wynne trade last year) for Alan Gordon. Last time Gordon had any contact with TFC it involved a forearm to Adrian Cann's nose in a game last fall.
Toronto has midfielders galore and strikers are scarce, so the trade makes sense in terms of the roster. As for the talent obtained versus the talent departed,  I am not rushing into a verdict. It won't be hard for Gordon to surpass LaBrocca's goal production (1). Somehow I think that further roster moves are coming, so it is hard to figure just how much playing time Gordon will get.
LaBrocca's best TFC moment will always be that goal against Chicago when he sent in a cross from way out and the wind blew it into the net. The weather never seemed to cooperate fully with him after that.
I wish him well, no hurt feelings as a fan, yet he would always be somewhat haunted by the affection we felt for Marvell...

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