Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toronto beaten by the Battery

Blackbaud Stadium
I love the weight loss doctor ad right next to the piggly wiggly ad

Ugly was the look, ugly is the feeling. We know we are watching a mixed bag of a squad. Players who may be dropped from the team tomorrow are having their last chance to impress. Players who may be fighting for a spot on the reserves are competing against the Charleston Battery (and losing 2-1).
Ugly only works when  you win.
I know that Coach Winter is too wise for us, he is deep thinking and tinkering at this stage. He stated to the Toronto media that he was not happy with playing in the Charleston tournament, felt it was too close to the start of the MLS season. He is also too smart to care about impressing us. If we are faithful enough to watch the tfctv stream and chat with Asif, we are too attached. String together three good performances in April and we will be scrambling back onto the bandwagon.

It was ugly enough to make you wonder just how much more roster juggling lies ahead.

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