Friday, April 1, 2011

DeRo departs, traded to New York Red Bulls for three young players

Farewell Captain
There had been online buzz all afternoon of Toronto FC trade of Dwayne DeRosario. Sportsnet had an online post and Fan 590 had it on their 3:20 news (hey, that is just two forms of the same source, isn't it).

Then there were reports that a legal question had arisen and the trade was on hold.
Now it is official.
DeRo was traded for Tony Tchani (midfielder  age 21), Danleigh Borman (defender age 26) and a first round draft pick next winter.

I think I get to say that I saw this coming. I might have been overheard once or twice saying that I expected to see DeRo traded by Canada Day. April Fool's Day was early than I expected, yet you could argue that the wheels of this move either began with a plane ride to Scotland or a cheque-writing goal celebration last year.
There is no surprise that Toronto went for youth in this deal. That has been the trend throughout the short time Winter/Mariner have been at the helm. This is truly their team now. JDG must understand that it is time to play or fade away.

The DeRo years were turbulent. The multi goal win in Montreal will not be forgotten. He worked hard and scored often. That he scored so often when the other team knew that there were few other scoring options on the field wearing red is an indication of how hard he worked. However, in the end he was another Mo move and his attitude was soured forever by the collapse of the Mo era. As a TFC fan and as a Canadian, I feel it is best to wish him luck in New York. He may flourish and have the MLS Cup in his hands sooner this way. We all hope that he has enough gas in the tank to help Canada make it to Brazil. Maybe he benefits emotionally from not having to be the hometown hero anymore. It will be funny if he gets a pay raise.

Tony Tchani
Danleigh Borman

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