Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tiny signs and baby steps - TFC 1 Columbus 1

There were signs of strength and improvement today at BMO Field. Toronto FC had a sturdy first half. Perhaps sturdy is too strong a description, let's say that sturdy is what they are building towards. Dan Gargan got the job done, but he had his moments. It was sturdy compared to the floundering we had witnessed the Saturday before. Columbus Crew looked much less potent than DC had and the Toronto defenders held together. The chances of another striker dancing in front of the supporter corner seemed remote. I had complained about a lack of grit and spine from TFC last week. I was pleased to see a mini scuffle in front of the Columbus bench when the Toronto players felt that Borman had been mistreated.
Funny that it all fell apart once TFC scored. The ref gave a second yellow card to Tchani for celebrating? I missed it myself due to my own celebrating. It seemed a very ticky-tacky call, and it took the wind out of Toronto's sails. Which was a shame because we had been waiting for that wind to blow since the Portland game

I thought that the pairing of DeGuzman and Tchani was showing signs of growth. Defensively it looked that JDG had been given the assignment of covering Columbus striker Gavin and he was effective. Yet the fans will always want more from JDG than good coverage and he provided a moment of offensive touch. The Tchani goal was the result of an accurate pass from DeGuzman. I am still worried that having both Gordon and Santos in the centre of the pitch is a waste of time, but it is great if Tchani and JDG can provide attacking spark until and it is
Dicoy Williams was a starter and he looked solid throughout the afternoon. Good on the ball, strong presence when shadowing their striker, he seems to have won the job in my eyes.
With TFC down to ten men, Winter’s shifting of players followed a pattern of taking out forwards and replacing with reinforcements in a midfield/winger role. (Martina, Gordon and Santos out, Yourasskowsky, Eckersley and Plata in). Other than the brief lapse which lead to the Columbus goal, the defending plan worked.
Today was the fourth home game of April and all Toronto has to show for it is three points. I suppose it could have been worse.


ChrisL2512 - UKFan said...

Hi guys - a view from a 'firt-time' (visiting) English Football fan. First - great credit to TFC as a 'club'; an excellent set-up, stadium and very passionate fans.
I am not impressed with Tchani, as a playmaker he is all package an no content, but De Guzman is quality. Santos is a pretty-boy; daft haircut and a waste of space; Gordon worked hard and did well - was he injured or just tired at half time. TFC #33 is a lightweight; he has ability but lacks power and pace and will cost you opportunity - butyour big #31 at the back, and defender Cann did well - invest in players with character that 'want-it' and lose the pretty boys and TFC will do very well in the future

Maxmillien said...

Another tie is hurting, putting us up to 4 on the season. Those extra missed points are going to hurt when TFC hopefully makes the playoff push in the second half of the season.

-Max Rosenberg
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