Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winning involves putting ball into the net - Toronto not ready for that step. TFC 0 Crew 1

Those hopes that the gritty effort against Santos Laguna and the feisty finish Wednesday night would carry over to the next game, were under attack by half time today against Columbus. At first they looked like an energized unit, by the end of the game we were watching a demonstration of hit and hope. After the Crew scored on a swift 2nd half counter-attack,  TFC fans were relegated to crossing fingers for a lucky bounce for a tying goal. No such luck. Perhaps it should be phrased, no such skill, no such luck.

I suppose some progress was made today (insert eye roll here). TFC did not allow 3 goals for the first time in MLS play in 2012. The season has begun with three losses, seven goals against and one goal for = goal difference -6. This is pathetic progress. Until Toronto can start scoring at home on a regular basis, this is going to be a season of doom and gloom.

Bright spots
Top marks for the solid play of Logan Emory (unfortunate that his clearance did not clear on the Columbus goal, otherwise he would have been a star today). Keeper Kocic for the penalty save, Johnson and Plata for a consistent effort (although it seemed at the game wore on that the solo effort increased and the team awareness decreased).

Dull Spots
 The same old problems were on display at the attacking end, TFC players have had years of behaving that scoring is always someone else’s job description. This prevailing attitude actually increases the closer a TFC player gets to be in position to score himself.

The formation – when will Winter learn? He pulls back JDG into the Torsten Frings role protecting the back four, but keeps his three forwards spread across the width of the field like lonely sentinels in the night. This gives TFC a midfield of two. As the day wore on, Silva and Avila were brought on to little success.

I think most TFC fans are wishing the team the best in Mexico, but we send our wishes and prayers. It is not a situation where you would bet the rent money. So fingers crossed and scarves aloft….and if TFC scores I will be shocked.

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Anonymous said...

Upset with Winter for this one, and also Koevermans for failing to shake the rust off and finally bag one.

Before skipping ahead to the match in Mexico (where I hope we wont be sending our fictional female team). Id just like to mention how asleep both Plata, and Koevermans have looked so far into the 2012 season. So far since earning his permanent contract I've yet to see Plata bring his offensive flare to the pitch. However he continues to bring his defensive efforts, tracking back on multiple plays to assist Eckersley/Morgan. Koevermans has assisted the team by basically being a gigantic tree. Drawing usually both center backs attention, which allows Johnson to cut inside easier. Otherwise all i've seen from Koevermans is wide shots, and anger at Josh Saunders, and many Santos fans. He also seems a tad out of shape if you ask me, perhaps he's still trying to burn those off season calories?

Now onto Winter who failed to match my hopes of decent squad rotation, though we have little depth this Columbus squad is hardly complete, and perhaps playing a 50/50 squad with kids who are looking to prove themselves would have even come off with a better result. Koevermans was destined to play the full 90 with his yellow card accumulation, however Johnson shouldn't have got the full run-out on this Saturday afternoon. I would've attempted to get players such as Avila (cup-tied) onto the pitch from the start, Oscar Cordon (is he away with Canada?), Keith Makubuya (1 appearance), Aaron Maund, Efrain Burgos Jr all onto the pitch if possible.

I wonder if Winter and De Klerk find themselves scratching there heads at why they can't call up academy kids for Major League Soccer matches. I bet they wouldve taken Quillan Roberts over Brian Rowe if it didn't mean signing him to a contract.

Like everybody else.. i'll be praying for a positive result, and our boys saftey in Mexico. As far as the league goes, I'm hoping for a good showing against Montreal. Koevermans needs to bag one, and get a bit of confidence back, Plata needs to get back to his old self, I would also like to see Luis Silva get a few more starts this year.

How long does Winter think he can depend on the 35-year old Torsten Frings? If this is what we're like without him, I sure hope Winter has a plan.

"See you at the playoffs."

- Jr220