Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TFC crushed in Mexico 6-2

I will use some strength tonight to write softly. I look for the positives and find a few on a night where we TFC fans had a faint hope lifted high in the first half, then crushed in the second.
So positives...
Plata's two goals were both superb. It was a wonderful sign to see him scoring. May he transfer that fire, speed and skill to the MLS.
The refs were fair, they were not the negative factor that I feared.
Soolsma is continuing to show confidence and skill on the ball and be a factor for this team.

TFC next plays Saturday in Montreal. Considering that we are still inside the first month of the 2012 season, there have been a huge amount of big games. No denying that the game in Montreal is a big one.
Keep cheering.

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Unknown said...

tfc has got to get out of these tournaments like canadian championship and concacaf if they ever want to do well in mls regular season play. they cannot do both.
they are too fatigued to play well in mls games and as such are losing these games.