Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tight game, faint hope, one goal allowed and no reply - TFC 0 Real Salt Lake 1

TFC has been a team that seems to be on the verge of reaching their full goal scoring potential. Trouble is this verge has lasted for months. Deeper trouble is maybe they have reached their full goal scoring potential.
Before I go into my take on offensive woes, let me mention the turning point woe of today (other than the RSL goal).

Doneil Henry needed an extra three seconds of composure today and Toronto could have played with a man advantage to end the game. Instead Henry reacted to the shoving of Luis Silva by shoving the shover (Beltran) and it was a red for each team. I am all for sticking up for a teammate, but don’t throw away a gift. Other than that moment of madness and the split second lapse of the goal, I thought that defending and goal keeping were pillars of strength today.

So let's go back to TFC's offense. Toronto does seem to be playing a more cohesive attacking game. It might be more accurate to describe it as "just short of attacking game" as there is still a crying lack of finish. There is just not enough shots of quality or openings created in close. The first half was filled with smart passing, they move the ball around quickly and change the point of attack well. 

 If you were of the opinion that the return of Danny K would instantly add goals, today gave indications that time is still required. It was Danny K’s first start since the injury of July 2012 and he does have to mesh with a lot of new faces. I was hoping for a Danny K and Earnshaw pairing, but Brockie was an energetic contributor. Just not a finisher.

Osorio and Laba both had solid games in the midfield. Osorio had a strong first half, but faded a little in the second. It seems that Osorio and Richter don't completely trust one another and movement down the right side suffered as a result.
Laba continues to grow. If the summer player moves brings Toronto the long sought attacking midfielder that can mesh with Laba, I predict happiness and fireworks.
So a short rest and a game on Wednesday, and Canadians leaving for the Gold Cup. 

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