Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fool or faithful? TFC 3 Impact Montreal 3

I delayed writing this blog post. It was a roller coaster experience at the Big Bank Field Wed. night.
Within seconds of the game's start Montreal had scored. TFC came back within that half and scored 3, that's right 3! The second half started well for Toronto, but Montreal was able to strike twice. They pounced at the smallest of mistakes in the back and moved as hot knives through cheap margarine.

The other day at my Sunday morning soccer game, a fine fellow on my team mentioned that he had been at BMO for the TFC vs RSL game the day before. Not very entertaining was his verdict. I replied quickly, " I don't go to games looking for entertainment, I look upon it more as a form of worship".  I did not intend to be debating, but I think that suffering and misery should be a part of being a fan. I was once a season ticket holder with the Raptors and I admit that the always happy, happy approach turned me off. No matter how far behind the Raptors fell in the third quarter, the break between quarters 3 and 4 was always loud music and dancing girls. The team was stagnant for years and yet you were expected to dance to the loud music and be energetic if the cameras caught you.
To support and cheer for your team, you need to arrive at the stadium with belief and hope. However you also have to retain your membership in the world of global sporting observation. You don't want to be a fool who cheers for his team no matter their quality.
So I question myself today. Do the positives I see mean that the direction of TFC is positive? Or am I deluding myself and making the best of a bad meal?
Laba is looking better and better. I am hopeful that an attacking midfielder of quality will be landed by TFC, because Laba will prosper. The wings continue to be a concern. Convey may hold down a spot until help or Christmas arrives.
The summer transfer window opens July 9th. Hints abound that new players are on the horizon. This fool remains faithful.

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stillkicking said...

On the chance that they read this...
Great to have Brian and Zachary back in 220.
S.Y. is always welcome in 220

No DS no Mo no Vlad???

Next time