Thursday, March 13, 2014

TFC 2014 - New season, big dreams, reality reminders

 I am counting the hours until Saturday afternoon arrives and we TFC fans/fools gather around our televisions. I am also marking the calendar until the following Saturday. March 22nd means I climb those slippery steps to Section 220. Yes, the mounds of snow in every direction makes me wonder about field conditions for the home opener, but if it turns into a day of snow soccer I will still be so happy to be back for this brave new season.

 However I am worried that in our rush to embrace the new, somehow the old will be forgotten. I chose this bad memory pic for that reason. It was only two years ago when Torsten Frings went down injured on that Seattle field and the unravelling began. We fans should hope for the best, yet prepare for a slow and careful construction of TFC 2014.

 I think Ryan Nelsen has done a solid job of managing expectations for game 1 in Seattle. He has planted plenty seeds of doubt concerning the health and starting potential for a few players. We will be happy with seeing some rather than all of the new faces. A team of players starting to adjust to one another and a complete absence of stretchers will be an excellent starting point. Goals and points will be a bonus.

ps - Getty Images is now allowing the use of their pics in blogs and social media. This is fantastic for all. I won't have to worry about my feeble photos and you will see pics of quality.

Now bring on Saturday afternoon!

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