Sunday, March 30, 2014

No fight, all fizzle on a Utah Saturday night - RSL 3 TFC o

I am rarely a fan of nostalgia. When it comes to TFC surrendering in a road game, this is the trip down memory lane one hates to take. This is the road show that we fans have had to tolerate for far too long. TFC in Utah last night was pretty much the team in progress that was on display in the preseason games. Disjointed and ugly.

Some concerns.

Gilberto makes too much money, has his face on too many posters for him to turn out to be a sulking prima donna with a delicacy that invites pain. He runs a terrible risk of having Toronto fans take a strong dislike to this attitude and playing style.
When Defoe left the game in the second half, it should have been Gilberto time. Instead he was easily marked and muscled out of the game. Perhaps there is a fitness level still to be obtained and perhaps there was an injury inflicted upon him, but suck it up. Gilberto looked like a boy who wanted ref Bart Toledo to protect him and make him feel better. He needs become more aware of MLS history and the hostility we have come to expect from some MLS refs when they are in full Toledo mode.

Somebody had better hire a more muscular translator too. The Gilberto word for the day is "urgency". You are taking up a designated player spot and an international spot. Stop acting as if you have another ten games to score your first goal, try ten minutes.
After last night's game, if I were in Coach Nelsen's shoes, I would be benching Gilberto for Columbus.  I would play 4-5-1,  giving Bekker and Osorio a chance to work with Bradley in the heart of the pitch and have Jackson and Rey on the wings. 
Jeremy Hall looked lost in Utah. Neither firm in the tackle nor contributing on the ball.
The 2014 version of DeRo is appearing to be a case of less will be enough. He does not seem to have the dominance he once had.

It was hard to give a full evalution of newest signing Nakajima-Farran. He seemed to make a small contribution, but he was on the field when RSL had taken their foot off the gas.

Columbus on the road is the next game. I am hoping for a reversal of last night's fight vs fizzle balance.

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