Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mess in Montreal Impact 1 TFC 0

It was my view that TFC leadership seemed less than committed to winning the V- Cup and could live without the Champions League involvement that would add games to the crowded summer schedule. Therefore, I was prepared to see a limited starting 11 and could see Montreal being the better team in the second leg last night. Instead we saw plenty of starters and Montreal not being the better team. The Montreal strategy seemed to be a simple expectation that TFC was bound to be the lesser team. TFC had to score and Montreal did not think they could. Case closed. Montreal scored a goal in the very late going just for laughs (a cheap Montreal reference).

So it is not the loss that bugs me, it is the offensive ineptitude. It is troubling that we TFC fans have been promised a new meal (MLS playoffs) while being presented the same old menu. Toronto having a midfield of no style, no guile, no vision and no hope has become a tradition. Here we go again.
Nelsen sends out the TFC midfield in Montreal consisting of Bekker (0), Hall (0), Rey (0) and Lovitz (0). The stat following each player is their 2014 goal total in all competitions. As the second half wore on and the need for TFC to score a goal increased Nelsen was able to put on Osorio (0), Gilberto (0) and DeRo (0). Are we shocked that none of the above scored in Montreal? Was Jermaine Defoe swarmed by the Montreal defenders all night long? Was Defoe getting possession of the ball further and further from the net all second half? Has my fave player Gilberto developed two main challenges in his game, keeping on his feet and not giving the ball away to the opposition?

Yes, the post World Cup TFC midfield could be Bradley (1), Warner (0), Orr (1) and Jackson (1). Is that enough? The central combo of Bradley and Warner could have potential, yet beyond that lies little. I suspect that Rey and Jackson are on thin ice. You can't take up an International spot on the roster and contribute so little in Toronto for any length of time (unless your name is Reggie Lambe). Orr, DeRo and Bekker will provide bench strength for the midfield. I think Osorio should spend time in Wilmington. He has been pushing himself back from injuries too often this year and playing time will be an issue for him. Of course, he was one section of goal post away from being the hero last night.

Now San Jose here at BMO Field Saturday and then we can relax and watch Bradley and Cesar in the World Cup for the rest of June.

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