Friday, June 6, 2014

TFC send Rey to Columbus for Dominic Oduro

Oduro in Fire days
Rey leaves for Crew

TFC Twitter confirms that Alvaro Rey has been traded to the Columbus Crew for Dominic Oduro. Forgive the older pic of Oduro above, I just wanted to minimize the Crew yellow on the page.

I had the feeling that the lack of success from the midfield was putting some players on thin ice in Toronto. Cheers to Rey for his efforts in TFC red, but he never seemed to break from the potential stage to the producing stage that TFC needs from their international spots.

Oduro was born in Ghana. He has played in the MLS long enough to qualify for the US green card and therefore he does not take up an international spot. He scored 13 goals for Columbus last year, but has yet to score this year. Prior years in Chicago had goal totals of 6 and 12.

TFC history always has the burden of reminding us of what once went wrong. The last trade with Columbus that pops into my head is Tony Tchani for Andy Iro. I had been convinced for years prior to that trade that Andy Iro was an undiscovered gem and that TFC should grab him. I both apologize for such bad blogging/scouting and refrain from speculating about what Oduro brings to TFC. Even if Oduro remains a firm member of the "Can't score TFC midfield",  his arrival and Rey's departure frees up an international spot on the roster in time for the transfer window this summer.

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