Sunday, May 31, 2015

A hard (goal scoring) rain is going to fall - TFC 3 San Jose 1

Cloudy day, bright performance

It was difficult to walk away from the Saturday TFC game not thinking about rainstorms. The game's time slot began with a storm and  later driving away from BMO you felt seconds away from the next storm front. I may qualify as a hopeless optimist, but just as a storm brewing in the air gives you the sense of forces about to be unleashed, TFC 2015 gives you the feeling that heavy goal scoring victories are about to rain all summer long. This starts with Giovinco and his ability to create scoring opportunities all game long (the game ending with his free kick off the post). Jozy Altidore is still injured and therefore Morrow and Moore scored from in front of the net on set-ups from Giovinco. Creavalle's goal was also assisted by Giovinco, although I give greater credit to Creavalle sending a long range beauty
I think that Michael Bradley should be coached to take a shot on net within the first fifteen minutes of every game. Going cross-sport here - you know how a pass happy point guard in basketball sets up the passing option by taking some early shots? Too many teams are going to be defending against the pass from Bradley to Gio, so Bradley should shoot early to set up the later Gio passes.

TFC's present position in the standings makes a summer storm of goals a tempting treat. 11 games into a 34 game schedule is close enough to a third through for my clumsy math. Peeking at the 2014 final standings Sporting KC grabbed the final (5th) playoff spot with 49 points (14W 13L 7ties). Something tells me that more points will be needed to qualify in 2015 when you figure in the two Eastern expansion teams

If Toronto is aiming higher than squeaking into lower playoff spots (and I hope they are), then the month of June is a huge opportunity. They are 9 points behind DC United and have 3 games in hand. The June schedule has TFC and DC United in a home and home series. This June could launch TFC into uncharted territory.
This has been a blog of positives, so let me scatter a few negatives.
#1 Three goals scored, yet Jozy Altidore is still missed. I read a report quoting Coach Vanney as saying that Altidore is ahead of schedule.
#2 Good games from Osorio, Creavalle and Jackson, but TFC should be shopping still for a winger.
#3 Thin bench concern - TFC had a bench dominated by rookies (Hamilton, Manella, Chapman). Injuries to Warner and Findley have meant a chance for the young generation, but the summer signing window has to bring somebody onto the TFC bench.

Next game @ DC United next Saturday


Anonymous said...

Great read, as always!

Anonymous said...

Imagine a Pirlo loan to TFC from July to end of MLS season, before returning to Turin to retire. Giovinco and Pirlo are best friends.