Thursday, May 14, 2015

No wings, no fly TFC 3 Montreal 2 - Montreal through on aggregate

It is a TFC financial puzzle still unsolved, at least from this fan's point of view. You would think that the economic future of the team, the spending of millions on star players, would depend on reaping income from extra games in both the Canadian qualifying and then the CONCACAF Champions League. Last night Toronto was in position to qualify, leading Montreal by a goal on aggregate late in the game when they slipped up and allowed Dominic Oduro to score against them. Yes, the same Oduro who was woeful for TFC in 2014. I do not second guess the TFC decision to let Oduro go to Montreal, he was clearly not the answer for TFC. But what circle of hell does TFC occupy that lets the obvious traded player revenge script be such a constant?

 So, if I understand this correctly, TFC is now a year away from playing another Canadian qualifying game and TWO years away from a Champion's League since Canadian qualifying will now always be for the following year? Seems like your extra revenue plan is now friendlies, friendlies and friendlies (or Argos and outdoor hockey- but what am I saying? Tim L says this is a soccer first, second and third facility!!).

Some squawk and say that TFC needs defensive help. It seems to me that the Bez/Vanney experiment abandons too many defensive roles. Morgan was always pushing up, trying to help Osorio (who is trying to be a left winger) and Morrow is pushing up and spending more time as a winger than a back.  You can't surprise the other team with an overlap when Morrow never has somebody to overlap? No suprise that other teams exploit this weakness. Stay compact in your own back and attack the spaces Toronto creates when their back four expands all over when attacking seems to be the scouting report.
TFC needs threats out on the flanks and defenders backing them up. Osorio, Findley and Jackson are not the wingers we seek. Lovitz and Delgado might have promise and potential, but the wings are spots needed to be filled by summer trade or summer signing.
We stumble on...
We tried to crush, we were crushed instead

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