Sunday, March 13, 2016

Points in New York - twice already in 2016

TFC came from 2 goals down to draw NYCFC and continue to gain points from every game in 2016. The rising confidence of Toronto FC seemed to jump out of the tv screen, notably in the second half. When Toronto scored late in the first half to pull within one goal of NY,  I had the gut feeling that TFC was capable of more and NY was incapable of shutting them down. We were treated to a few scary defending moments late in the game, but nothing New York did was any way near to matching the skill and snap of that Giovinco goal that tied the game earlier.

It's so pleasing to salute the TFC performance today in Yankee Stadium. In some ways I am happier with a draw versus NYCFC than I was with with the victory over the Red Bulls last weekend.
NYCFC seem to have had TFC's number last season (NYCFC were new to the league). It might be too early to give them the role of TFC's "bogey" team, but I feared this second game in NY more than the first (I know that NY Red Bulls play out of New Jersey, but you get the drift).
I still have vivid memories of the first meeting of these teams in Toronto last summer. The New Yorkers strategy was a physical one, hack and chop at Giovinco. The ref would not protect Gio and New York took advantage. It was easy to fear another match with TFC being taken advantage of...

The ref got it mostly right today in Yankee Stadium. The penalty call was the correct one. The blind eye to the Villa hand ball in the second goal was dodgy. After that the game was a smooth one.

I thought that Marky Delgado played a strong game down the wing today. There were a few times when I felt that he deferred too often and too much to the scoring potential of the big names around him. Hey, Delgado, you are tied for the second highest goal scorer on the team - so take your shots.

So now it is into KC for the last game of March. The April road games present Colorado, New England,  DC United and then Montreal. I had read that the TFC president Manning had felt that 8 points was a worthy goal from these first 8 road games. 4 points already with 6  games to play makes that bar look too low.
Keep cheering...

Yankee Stadium as a soccer ground.

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Ignirtoq said...

I still feel bad for Delgado in his second outing of the season. Drawing the penalty was rough, but not pulling the trigger late in the game was a bit of a head-scratcher.

The toughest thing, as a supporter, is to suppress the potential to lose the plot and believe Toronto can come home dropping minimal points. I know I'm thinking that a little. KC will be the first real test against quality opposition, and if they can steal a point from them, then this team may be legit.

And I agree with you on the NYCFC-bogey team thing. NYCFC have the ability to outmuscle any team in the league and too many supporters forget that, but their defense is lacking, which makes them vulnerable (as seen on Sunday).