Sunday, March 20, 2016

TFC loses to SKC 1-0 - full marks for cohesion and effort, needs to improve on creativity

TFC needed a spark tonight in Kansas City. They lacked finish. It would have been nice to see Tsubasa Endoh score his first goal, he was a goalkeeper finger tip away from that.

They were a team that looked capable of scoring and controlled sections of the game. The effort was there, but ending up down one goal late in the game is not the route to road success. Despite having a man advantage for a time and all three substitutions revealing Vanney's willingness to go all out on the attack. they could not conjure up a comeback.
There was plenty of evidence that improvements have been made. TFC looked strong when defending. They moved the ball well out of the back and did not look like a team just getting to know each other, which they are.

So, the long road trip continues.
3 down and 5 to go before TFC hosts their home opener. If the next three games end up a repeat of the first three, a win, a draw and a loss - a fan could be very, very happy with that. Colorado, New England and DC United don't seem to be as tough a group of opponents than the ones TFC just finished with.

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