Sunday, April 24, 2016

Getting Over Drogba - Montreal 0 Toronto FC 2

Ah, the pleasure. The pleasure enhanced because one was expecting pain. Montreal smoked meat pain.

2015 ended for Toronto FC with a double dose of Didier Drogba's Montreal Impact. You know the story. The pleasure of making the playoffs for Toronto was thoroughly smothered by losing the home playoff date through losing that final game in Montreal, followed by the disaster of the knockout game in Montreal just days later...

Montreal was a monster at the end of last year, under the spell of Drogba's scoring and skill and spirit. The news that he was making his first start of the 2016 season against Toronto was enough for the nightmares to start again. I might not have been the only TFC fan who had thrown in the towel on this road trip now that the Montreal and Portland section had been reached. Give us some character building moments and an injury free stretch and one could just count the days to the home opener.

Well, hold off on the towel throwing, TFC 2016 is shaping up to be giant steps ahead of where we fans are used to be. Montreal was subdued in their own stadium and TFC seemed capable of scoring more than the two.

Drogba dread ... delayed?

Second shut out in a row for Irwin. Seldom tested, but what a difference he has made to the team!
The back four of Beitashour, Perquis, Moor and Morrow continues to look smooth and cohesive.
The diamond midfield of Will Johnson on the left wing, Osorio forward and Bradley at the base looked very strong. You can tell that Marky Delgado continues to be the junior member of the midfield contingent, but he contributes.
Giovinco scored both goals, one a pk from a foul on Altidore and the other a sacrificial set up from Will Johnson. 

Next Sunday, May 1 is the game away to Portland and then countdown to the home opener....

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