Sunday, May 8, 2016

Home inspection TFC 1 Dallas 0

I sat under a roof last night and watched TFC in "their" stadium launch the home portion of the 2016 season.
I know I am an old geezer, a fleeting impression that zipped through my head was of many "once upon a times" sitting under a roof nights at the old Exhibition Stadium. It was only fleeting, the sound quality, the way the lights bathe the field are just two aspects present last evening that are simply, cosmically beyond whatever the old stadium could ever dream of offering. After only one home game, I might be a convert to the idea of a steady diet of Saturday night games. It did create an "event" feel. However getting home after midnight is bound to wear down this old blogger. I write this the morning after. I used to blog my first impressions either on the drive home or at home. Last night I was barely able to stay awake for the drive, never mind the blog.
I suspect it will take some time for it to feel like home however. It feels akin to somebody taking your favourite chair and putting it into a showroom. 

As to the game, I will not be the first to feel that the score flatters Dallas. TFC shows signs of slowly building their offence. Elements of the attack look like pieces trying to fit into a new puzzle. Altidore and Giovinco have had time together, but Bradley's passing has had rough spells and Johnson and Endoh are new to the mix. Superb new elements to the mix, but new nonetheless. Endoh's ability to run off of the ball is a joy to behold. I am sure that Bradley was giving him hell for neglecting defensive roles from time to time, but I am not sure that he should. 
If you have ever read a blog post, you could know that I am in the "frustrated with Altidore" camp. I found myself watching him a lot in the second half. He had a solid "plays well with others" game last night. Perhaps he tried the finesse touches, the flick ons, too many times, but he seemed just a lucky bounce away from scoring. I do not detract from or dismiss his talents, his skills or his contribution to the team. I think that I can suffer from mild frustration and still see his qualities. Don't see my frustration staying mild if he continues to not score goals. 9 games into a 34 game schedule, we are getting close to a third of the way through the season. 
We must keep in mind that patience with the attack is made possible by secure defending. 
Clint Irwin - yes, I am rushing it, may be the best goalkeeper TFC has ever had. Perquis, Moor, Morrow and Beitashour all were solid and smooth. 
Until Saturday...
None of my quick snaps captured the look and feel of the new BMO Field

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Ignirtoq said...

I know I speak for a few of my seatmates when I say that camp "Frustrated with Altidore" is a popular camp with anyone other than print media. Would you want a keeper that has great ball distribution, great defensive organization abilities, can play like a sweeper at the back and handles corners well, but otherwise couldn't make a save?

Also, great point about night games. It was impressive, I did enjoy it for the aesthetics of it all, but getting home late meant I was in no mood to write a match report as well. And that's the first of many.