Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Better one than none, but potential has a shelf life.. TFC 1 Whitecaps 0

As part of the pre-game ceremonies against the Whitecaps last night, TFC took the time to salute Jonathan Osorio for reaching the 100 game mark. Considering that the other TFC player who has reached 100 is Ashtone Morgan, one wonders if the spotlight brings the wrong things into focus on the TFC player performance over potential measurement. I feel that TFC is in real need for a summer signing or a trade to bolster their attack, but I would be shocked if either Osorio or Morgan were coveted by other teams.

Somehow by the end of the night the salute had backfired in both my mind and his play. Osorio did not play a bad game, perhaps a typical Osorio game. He was rarely caught out of position defensively, but then with Cheyrou and Johnson in the midfield Osorio does not need to defend. No goals, no assists, no shots.
I suppose I am more comfortable with the salute over the alternative, which would have been to ignore it. Still TFC has long struck me as too quick to dub something historical without looking too hard at whether it reached a worthy standard.

When scoring a goal (or taking a shot on target) means thinking three steps ahead, too many TFC players think one or two steps ahead, slowly it seems. The ball gets moved around, the players move around, but the scoring chances rarely develop. Last night, in the first half, there were large segments of play where TFC looked like a group of athletes that had met, for the first time, the night before.

Seba Giovinco is being quoted after the game as describing the first half as TFC at their worst. I agree. There are very few measurable stats in this world that I can safely claim to exceed Seba Giovinco in. Years lived and years watching TFC play like crap are the two that spring to mind. I know that I am ignoring the solid defending and excellent goalkeeping as I bleep about the ineffective attack.

The TFC schedule ahead is a series of continental crossings. A MLS game in Orlando this Saturday and then the game in Vancouver next week and then a home game July 2nd. I will hold my tongue and hope for coherence. The elimination of the US from the Copa last night at the hands of Argentina should send Bradley back into our midst. Stay tuned...

June sunset at stadium

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