Thursday, June 9, 2016

From the purists' textbook - Montreal Impact - 0 TFC - 0

When is the moment that you grasp that your fan status for your football (soccer) team has taken hold of your life and you are hopelessly enmeshed in footy culture?
When you are at home and on your feet applauding the television set because TFC has ended the game in Montreal with a 0-0 result and now go onto the final round of the Canadian championship.

There was a lot to like in TFC's performance. Cheyrou continued his top form from the week before, this time paired with Will Johnson (I liked how the Canadian Press report that I read on the site called Johnson a defender). The two of them were set deep in the midfield, never tempted to get forward into the attack, always providing a blanket to smother Montreal.
Moor and Zavaletta were the central defender pairing and then they were bolstered by Hagglund in the second half. Talk about parking the bus. TFC was playing with a back five and two ultra defensive midfielders. Oh and Morrow came on late in the game and therefore defender Morgan became a quasi-midfielder. All this defending made the contributions of Lovitz, Osorio and then Giovinco all the more valued. Just one goal from TFC would have put the game and the series to bed, but enough counter attack threat was provided.

It was no surprise that Coach Vanney chose to sacrifice his starting attackers, Mo Babouli and Hamilton Jordan, when it was time to make substitutions. I know that Jordan scored two goals last week against Montreal, but he offered much less last night. I am not sold that Babouli or Jordan Hamilton (edit - my research has not revealed a link to Hamilton Jordan - Chief of Staff in Jimmy Carter's White House) are on the brink of providing TFC with a young attack. Michael Salazar of Montreal (even though Hamilton outscored him 2-1 over 180 minutes) shows promise. Vancouver Whitecaps had a 15 year old in their starting line-up last night (eliminating Ottawa with a 3-0 victory)

So onto the next round vs Vancouver... later this month.

The Cup in question...


Anonymous said...

Hamilton Jordan? If you mean our young #22, his name is Jordan Hamilton.

Mark Kennedy said...

Ha, what a Freudian mistake on my part! Thanks for pointing it out - I promise to edit, but I am unable to promise to never make the mistake again.

My brain is not what it used to be and I have a theory that names stick in my head based on seniority. I was puzzling over the TFC player's name, even went to Google it (and discovered that the Lakers in the NBA has a Jordan Hamilton too). So it was not a rushed mistake, I thought I had it...but I guess the seniority thing kicked in on the name order.

US President Jimmy Carter, way back in the 70's, had a Chief of Staff named Hamilton Jordan.