Saturday, December 10, 2016

MLS Cup morning

Wow, baby, wow.
Until 2015, TFC had never had a post season playoff game.
Until 2016, TFC had never hosted a playoff game, nor won one, nor played any game in November.
So this morning I am wrestling with concepts that are boggling my little mind.
A TFC game in December.
Figuring out my ski clothes and my ski layers for- a game in December.

Working out a plan for Xmas shopping today that weaves around- a game in December.

Hoping I can send social media and email message reminders to all of my friends, acquaintances and family to remind them to watch on tv tonight- a game in December.
What is our parking strategy and travel plans for- a game in December.

Then if I try to take a further step and grasp just what this game in December is, the Cup Final. TFC in the Cup Final. Mind - boggled, but smile ever-present...
Reflecting upon the ten years cheering for this team, rooting for soccer to take it's rightful place in this part of the world. Knowing that the beautiful game, despite watching plenty of ugly TFC soccer over the years, can still make your dreams come true.
The first time I ever attended a sports event, we were living in south Parkdale and my father walked me over to the old Exhibition Stadium. It was so long ago, the stadium was considered new back then.
My dad has been gone for 24 years now. If I could have him back, magically, for just one day it would be today. I would say "Dad, soccer, the sport you loved, the sport of your childhood, the sport you taught me about, has taken off in Toronto like fireworks. And if you don't believe me, c'mon down to the CNE grounds."
Sure, I will worry about victory tonight and suffer/cheer as I always do. Yet by the fact that this Cup game exists, this December game exists, I feel that the gift has already been given and so gratefully received.

Go TFC...

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