Sunday, December 11, 2016

MLS Cup morning after TFC 0 Seattle 0 - Seattle wins on penalty kicks

Hey, that's no way to say goodbye.

I would describe myself as more stunned about Toronto FC losing the Cup last night to Seattle than any other emotion. Frustrated and obsessed play their part too. This was not the way the season was supposed to end and it still hurts this morning.

I would congratulate and salute any Seattle player or fan today. I felt that way last night too. They did what needed to be done and Toronto could not score the goal required to put them away.

I will not say the better team won. The best headline I have encountered this morning was over on the MLS Soccer site
"Toronto FC left befuddled, shut out by "unspectacular" Seattle"

However, the extra time save by Frei, diving back and hand out to tip away Altidore's header from going in, has to be considered spectacular. It was the difference and kept Seattle alive.

I did say the night of the great victory over Montreal that should TFC win the Cup I would change the name of the blog to "By the Lake".

I was sorry to witness it, but mistakes were made last night. So the blog name stays.

What a season, what a playoff run.

TFC 2017 is just around the corner...

oh and thanks for reading.

May the holiday season lift your spirits and may a TFC related gift be under your tree...

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