Saturday, April 8, 2017

A bad case of Mavinga TFC 2 Atlanta 2

Atlanta United lived up to their early season reputation and looked the part of an established team. They are not the usual MLS woeful outfit in their rookie year and have hit the ground running. 
However, they did score their two goals on long ball breakaways and both times I would lean more towards wondering about Mavinga's (that would be Chris Mavinga, I think getting his first start for TFC) positioning and defending than praising Atlanta's skill. 
Toronto had the most of the night, but continue to squander chances or fail to find the net when you think their dominance of play for long stretches deserves a reward. Playing the end of the game with a man advantage just underlined this. I know they proved me wrong in Vancouver, but most of the time when TFC get an opponent sent off, my hopes go nowhere.
Good to see Giovinco get his first goal of the season. He lost the plot late in the game when he felt that a foul had been earned. Bad karma there.
If all goes to plan, tonight was the final Toronto game that I will watch from afar (writing this in my airbnb in San Antonio, Texas). The next home game will see me back in the stands. I relish the opportunity to yell Schweinsteiger at Bastien Schwiensteiger... stay tuned and score goals.

Zavaletta about to be semi-clunked. A semi-clunk that was met with a full red card.

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