Friday, March 31, 2017

Home Opener 2017 T FC 0 SKC 0

Missed the home opener for the first time ever, but caught the Fox broadcast delayed the next day.

As I always value the eyewitness report over the filtered through TV version, I offer the highlights from our ace reporter Trout.

Freezing at the half. 0-0, wind playing havoc. Edwards has been great. Kc had most of first 20. After, Sebastian and Vasquez dropped back just ahead of Bradley. Good time on the ball and more chances. Seba ranging all over the field. Looks promising for second half. Osorio trying out for Argos kicker, missed the net incredibly high three times. Irwin slipped on a wet pitch coming for a ball, went down awkwardly. Subbed out. Is Bono the first choice keeper forever now?
0-0 final. Lots of chances. No joy. Seba put a free kick off the woodwork. Bono had a great stop. A good game, but they still are lacking finish. Edwards had a great second half too, in for Morrow.

Now that I'm home and warmed up I can tell you it was the same ref from the cup final. Forwards didn't get much in the way of fouls against. In other words, the old rude referee songs still apply.

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