Wednesday, April 25, 2007

KC 3 Toronto FC 0

Got home from the Open House in time to catch the second half. This TFC continues to struggle and wiggle and shake in their defense. I understand the need to be patient and positive. Playing both Wynne and Goldthwait meant there were two new faces trying to find their places - adding to the chaos of it all.Just felt sorry for Sutton, sometimes he looks too lonely out there.Thought Edu showed some speed and looked ok. Esky was the determined dynamo late in the game and I thought he was going to be rewarded. Welsh made some runs down the left and seems to be making progress. I thought the general scrappyness of Toronto FC towards the end was a good sign.I am not looking forward to seeing Buddle play live. I am looking forward to seeing him on the bench. Paul James on The Score said it straight - there are some players who look out of their depth. I guessed that Buddle was in that category. Expansion team and job security don't often stick together much.Boyens as a second half substitute seemed to play much better than last time, but then he had nowhere to go but up.

The Score begins at a disadvantage with their score band across the bottom of your screen. Then when you throw in the supplied Kansas City commentary...I can't decide whether to turn off the sound or just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.
Have you ever seen a television broadcast of a sports event where they informed you of the location of the aftergame party ?
Have you ever seen sports on tv where the broadcast team and the home team coaches are wearing the same uniform warm-ups ?
Were you surprised after seeing the broadcasters in uniform to hear them use the term "we".
See you Saturday for the home opener.


Anonymous said...

Please! I must beg the TFC supportors at the home opener this weekend, do whatever you must to convince MoJo to get rid of Buddle!

coleman's calamity said...

I know that TFC have been encouraging us to sing, chant, etc. but please can we do something different than everyone else? Maybe we could start singing the "maple leaf forever" after every (attempt) at goal? The old lyrics, not the new pc ones!

stillkicking said...

Hmmm, the question of singing leads me to the question of a song. It seems (based on the English tradition) that each club has adopted a standard/corny song as their signature.
Liverpool - Never walk alone
Man City - Blue Moon
others ??
I submit that Maple Leaf Forever is too obscure. This is troubling me.