Saturday, April 28, 2007

Toronto FC 0 KC 1

That was fun. As a starting blogger, you are aware that the two large traps to fall into are either becoming a relentless fanboy or a perpetual grumpy griper. I think my thoughts about the stadium, the atmosphere and the total experience transcends the fan level. I had moments today when I was dealing with that rare state, what do you do when you find a dream coming true? The game I love being played in a place designed for it, in my home town, by a team that wants my support. Who would have predicted this?

A bitter result; we were not outplayed and KC did not deserve the points, but they did take their opportunity and exploited it. It happened so quickly, I'm not sure where the breakdown came from.
ps. cheers to the fans who threw their beer at the celebrating KC Wiz. Why were the players trying to get as close as they could to the crowd? I saw Eddie Johnson gesture towards the crowd. Considering the price of beer, the shower was of a quality he did not deserve.
Now that I have seen them in the flesh - allow me to throw around some TFC verdicts.
Sutton played well and it was wonderful to see him go down field twice in the final moments. Thanks MoJo for showing that this was a big game in your eyes too.
Robinson and Edu are gems, tireless workers, confident with the ball. They were the heart of the team today.
Danny Dichio and Esky were showing signs of figuring each other out - stick with them, I say, and the goals will come.
Wynne and Boyens had their shaky moments moving the ball for sections in the first half, but Wynne started finding his space down the wing more and more as the game progressed. Where was his link to the midfield in the second half ? Nagumura seemed to go missing in action and poor Wynne would find himself surrounded by a horde of KC defenders.
Welsh was moving down his wing and was a positive force all day. I was not happy to see him come off. I wanted Nagamura off. When finally he gets pulled, I have to groan because on comes Buddle. Where does Ronnie O'Brien fit into this midfield when he gets healthy ? Maybe Nagamura is best in a central role ?
We need some attack down the right side !
Boyens and Brennan were a solid pair in the middle.
Overall the team did seem to tire in the second half. Wonder how the ref enjoyed the game seeing as there were moments when he seemed to have never encountered the sport before in his life.


arsenalist said...

Definitely prefer Dichio to Buddle. Dichio might be what Conor Casey should've been for us.

palin's pride said...

I'm definitely up for a Danny Dichio fan club! He had the presence of a barrel chested Paul Hartson out there! Are there any more championship cast-offs Mo can pick up?

PALGOLAK said...

Quick question. You mention that you sit in the cheap seats.

Presuming these are the $15 ones listed on ticketmaster, what are the odds that one could show up at gametime and purchase tickets at the gate?

Inquiring minds need to know!

stillkicking said...

Well palgolak I wish I knew. My row seems to have an odd number of seats. Same with the row ahead of ours. Both of these seats were empty on Saturday so I thought that I could snap them up for the rest of the season..
No such luck, my call to TFC on Monday revealed that the seat is sold for the season, just not occupied on Saturday.
I will try to find out how many seats are held for gameday sales and report back (after I have grabbed my own)

stillkicking said...

Today came the news that Paolo Nagamura has been traded to Chivas USA for a draft choice. It seems that Nagamura did not want to be here in TO. Perhaps the disconnect between him and Wynne was part of a larger issue ? Good luck to him. I wonder if he now becomes a trivia answer ?