Saturday, April 14, 2007

New England 4 Toronto FC 0

Yuck, that was a thumping.

Hard to pull something positive out of such a night. Don’t want to hang the loss on any one player when it was a total problem. A reminder was sent out clearly tonight - this is an expansion team. I repeat - this is an expansion team.

Too bad it came on the heels of getting the season ticket package. That was fun. The idea of wearing your scarf with ticket attached to the first game is a great one. It promises a sense of fun and an awareness of futbol tradition.


arsenalist said...

Yeah, can't say it was entirely unexpected. The midfield performance was far below expansion levels though. I don't think we could string together more than two passes in midfield last night.

palin's pride said...

I like the scarf idea too, but shouldn't it be footba' rather than futbol? Do they wear scarves in warmer climes?