Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Buddle bundled off to LA -reports

There are rumours and one report that Edson Buddle has been traded to LA Galaxy. It seems that a defender is coming the other way in a trade. If it is the defender who late in the game last Saturday night (Dallas vs Galaxy) broke Cooper of FC Dallas' leg - you have to wonder at the timing of such a trade. Tyrone Marshall is the player's name. Watching it on tv my honest reaction was that the challenge seemed more clumsy than vicious. It was also a strange time to be challenging for the ball that was clearly going out of touch.
Expect more signings and moves in the days ahead. Trading a little used striker for defending help makes a lot of sense.


lawrie's loss said...

Just freein' up room for the Radzinski signing to be annouced on the 15th. I find it interesting, too, that no one has made much of the Mark Bircham story that was on the official website a week or so ago. Are we expecting him too?

stillkicking said...

I'm thinking that the wheels are turning...
if Radzinski is announced as a signing on the 15th I will be both shocked and happy - it has been quiet.
In the Globe Mo is quoted as looking for a creative midfielder- isn't Bircham more defensive ?