Monday, June 25, 2007

Goldthwaite traded to NYRB

OK, he (Kevin Goldthwaite) played a bad game against New England. The first goal was a gift from him, he picked up a yellow card and flirted with another a few times. But everyone has a bad game, it is inevitable for humans. I am worried that Mo pulled the trigger on this one out of anger. I know that the last time he traded with New York, TFC made off with Marvell Wynne. This trade will have to work out as well for me to put outside my "shoot from the hip" fears . Then again if this trade was an indication of something more - and the remainder of the road trip is on the upswing, I will be the first to sing Mo's praises.

Todd Dunivant is the name of the new TFC player, obtained in this trade. Life with TFC is seldom quiet....

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