Wednesday, June 6, 2007


It was not crazy talk to go into this game thinking of an upset or maybe squeak a tie.
TFC played with the Jersey Expensive Drinks for the first half. Jeff Cunningham powered in his first TFC goal. He was able to convert Andy Welsh's superb cross. I think I am far more patient with Welsh than many of the online critics. You can see why his usual wonky ways, all that speed that leads to give-aways or crosses that never come, would drive some fans bonkers. But on the goal tonight as Welsh took on a clump of defenders at top speed you can see what Mo sees in Welsh. May we have much more of the wonderful side of Welsh.
The second half saw Juan Pablo Angel take the game away with two goals (although the second was just him taking advantage of a poor TFC clearance).
I have been a proponent of signing a DP player sooner rather than later. Just was not sure who I wanted and who was feasible. Then I watched the Canada - Costa Rica Gold Cup game played in Florida tonight on television and De Guzman looked incredible. He scored both of Canada's goals. The move that had me shouting out loud was late in the game when he stomped on the ball and sent it spinning through the legs of the defender. There is a player for the DP role! Is he at all attainable?

June 15th seems to be the date that TFC can add a player or two to their roster. I will admit that I do not understand the MLS roster rules, but I do feel that we need somebody/anybody. This is not a knock against anyone on the squad right now, but TFC needs help in both defense and the midfield. A star would be great, but any depth would be a help.


arsenalist said...

I like Welsh, what frustrated most fans is that he has stretches where he plays awful for like 10-12 minutes at at time. But work down the sides is always of decent quality and although he might do boneheaded things like pass waaay too early or try to take on a defender too many, I still think he's a valuable asset to this team.

The first goal Angel scored was also weird, the wall didn't help at all. They were shifting and didn't really bother to jump on the strike. Still, it was quality.

I'm frustrated with Andy Boyens. He becomes a defensive liability at times and the central defense is the last place you want to have a player that's unsure of what he's trying to do. His clearances, heading and attempted tackles were all weak.

There was a stat that said TFC is right up there with fouls committed and that's largely due to our defense having gotten bean resulting in necessary fouling.

We deserved better.

Harding said...

Help in the back would be nice. I think we can expect some additions next week that will bolster our defense.

If not, we may be in for more heartbreaks like Wednesday night, where the match shifts in a matter of seconds...

(Nice post)

D said...

Kicking: Just a quick note at your place... I fully believe that TFC fans deserve the plaudits they've gotten for their support. I think I wrote as much at the time. It's just that for so long DC fans have been content knowing that we were in the elite, it's tough to admit that there might be someone making just as much noise. We're a jealous bunch. But I hope you don't think I was taking a shot at you all, because I really wasn't. You and your fellow fans deserve all the credit in the world.

stillkicking said...

Thanks D, I never thought of your joy at beating the Red Bulls in such a dramatic fashion and the feeling that DC United had finally arrived was connected to a shot against Toronto.
I read a lot of chatter in various forums and I cringe sometimes when TFC folks brag and come on too strong and claim that we will soon own the MLS.
So I wanted you to know that we salute you and some of us are not horrible guests at the MLS party.