Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ronnie O'Brien traded and Mo's hot seat is rising

Too much time on the web this week in search of confirmation or denial of a trade of Ronnie O'Brien. My first reaction to reading the rumour that he was going to end up in San Jose with another expansion team was one of sadness, O'Brien was a sparkplug on the field and the team suffered once he was lost due to injury. Suffering through another year of hapless offence is not a pleasing thought and there is a tendency to link Ronnie O'Brien with those glorious May and June days when TFC could score.

My second reaction was hmmmm, there is just too much that we fans do not know...
What is being offered in return ?
Is Darren Huckerby going to part of the TFC midfield by May ?
Kiki Musampa ?
Both of them ?
Are there more significant signings to come ?
What would be the budget implications of these signings ? Ronnie had a good contract...
Is there a DP midfielder in the works ?
If San Jose is offering their first round draft choice for next year ? ( a potential number one pick)

Well, the trade has been confirmed. It is a first draft pick and an allocation coming to Toronto. If this clears up cap space and allows Mo to finally bring in some long awaited new talent, then the trade could be a positive move. The Toronto Star article by Morgan Campbell states that O'Brien was not content with life in Toronto. Anyone not enamoured with the centre of the universe gets banished (although being sent to California seems less than harsh). Next move is yours, Mo.

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