Sunday, June 28, 2009

RSL 3 TFC 0 or how to ruin a cottage Saturday night

I am capable of rattling off the excuses. Playing only four nights since your previous game has to be tough. You have to factor in both jet lag and elevation adjustment when you travel from Toronto to Utah. Playing New York twice in a row must spoil a team for facing teams that have more going for them (example- every other MLS team).
Still watching Toronto on tv Saturday night was a wrenching experience. Of the nine remaining away games this year, five (LA, Chivas, Seattle, Colorado and San Jose) are going to be played in western time zones. So if they don't sort out their road woes, trouble awaits. As for this trend of giving up 3 goals in their last 4 road games now, it has to go. It is not fun when grinding out a tie in Columbus is one of the 09 road highlights. Speaking of grinding things out away from home, I am hopeful that TFC will try some ugly defensive football and get a point out of it in the near future.
I am having a hard time listening to Dobson and Forrest. Gerry Dobson in particular seems to repeat certain nuggets of information as many as 3 times in the broadcast. I am having a hard time listening to Dobson and Forrest. I now know that DeRo leads the MLS in being called offside, although what that actually means was never discussed. Will Johnson of RSL has been called up to play for Canada in the Gold Cup. We were told that over and over again. I am having a hard time ...

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