Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vancouver Whitecaps 2 Toronto Flaccid Club 0

This is a disaster. Tonight the Whitecaps took control of the Nutrilite Championship by winning at home and joining the growing list of teams that have shut out the Reds this year. It was another Toronto performance that shook your confidence in this team. As the frustration began to build in my little brain, the faint hope that TFC would actually score was flickering and fading. If you can't score, you can't win may be a cliche, but this has gone too far. Throwing Rohan Ricketts and Johann Smith into the attack was pointless. Toronto's not eliminated at this stage, but they are going to have to score a lot of goals in Montreal. Is that going to happen?

I thought that Vancouver did not play all that well. They were in the game for stretches and scored on their chances- just compared to Toronto a team that scores on their chances looks like world beaters.
There were some solid efforts from the TFC side- DeRo, Serioux, Attakora were always plugging away. Vitti hit a post in the first half. Sutton did himself no favours...

The forums are full of fans who are letting loose with justified howls of rage, so I thought I would chime in with my take on sinking ship TFC. I say that Mo and his boss Tom Anselmi have to take the hit on this as I figure it comes down to lack of depth. International duty pulled Wynne and Guevara away, so big holes on this team were revealed. If Sutton keeps a clean sheet, TFC ties and is happy. The moment they give up the Vancouver goal they need to respond and we know that story. Attacking midfield play ? Breaking down the wings? Finish in front? You can't blame the players on Toronto's roster for being who they are, but you can point the finger at management for not filling the needs.
Saturday brings LA to BMO and I wonder what form TFC fan anger will take ?


Anonymous said...

If Mo is not up to the job of bringing one in then he must go.....
This has been the problem all year and if it's not corrected you can wave goodbye to the playoffs.........


Anonymous said...

By the way, what was Cummins thinking playing Sutton. The Guy hasn't played all year and he gets the start in such an important match?
Should have started Frei, get the win and then play Sutton in a nothing game against Montreal. TFC needs new Management!!!!!!!


Joe Soccer Fan said...

Frei was nursing a foot injury, so Sutton was the best choice.

The bottom line is that Mo has put this team together so he has to take the blame for this. The lack of a striker who can score, no depth on defense and inadequate coaching squarely fall on Mo's shoulders.

Cummins' lineup choices have to draw some criticism...who goes on the road looking for a tie with a 4-3-3, four attackers (counting DeRo) and a makeshift defense? He was left with few choices as to what to do once they fell behind aside from bring on Marco Velez (!). Maybe a more compact formation would have been wise?