Saturday, April 10, 2010

TFC plays the first 45, Revs kick butt the rest of the night

Trout FC, a blogging legend, sending pics from NE tonight

New England Revolution 4 Toronto FC 1
Toronto FC, a team that seems to still require introductions to each other, played with surprising cohesion and took a lead into halftime tonight. DeRo, in his first game as TFC captain, scored with a header from a Garcia cross.
Then reality returned to the universe and Nick Garcia played to his usual standard, a bloody disaster. When TFC defenders were not giving them gift opportunities, the Revs were finding space and time down the wings and attacking at will. It is not sour grapes to observe that New England could have had a few more goals in the second half. It was a total collapse.

-This was ugly. I would honestly question Mr. Preki's sanity if he plays Nick Garcia in the home opener. It will be a security nightmare to keep the disgruntled TFC faithful from physically expressing their disdain for the defender.
- Jason DeVos was the colour commentator on the GOL TV broadcast and his verbal blast on the Garcia giveaway (that created NE goal number 2) was the most honest talk on television heard in eons.
- It is unfair to heap everything onto the heads of the defenders. The second half stinking also had contributions from a midfield that could not mark, could not keep the ball and could not attack. Neither OBW nor Chad Barrett, when he came on late, were displaying potency in attack up front. When you don't pressure down one end, you give the other team time to exploit your weaknesses.
- I think that Mr. Preki is the wrong coach for this team and this city. His post game comments on GOL TV were awful. This is his team and they reflect his decisions. We know the faults of the players who left town and maybe the wisdom of reshaping the team will pay off over time, but don't go on television all puzzled. Don't distance yourself from your team. Demand more of yourself and of your team and say something that the fans can hold onto. Toronto fans sure don't want to hear about how Columbus stumbled last year and then had the best record. The best you can do is tell TFC fans that we are stuck with a team that reminds the coach of Columbus? Stick up for your team, because there is so much turmoil right now, so many cuts and salary dumps and mystery men taking the field that if you don't show some faith, players and fans alike will figure that you are about to throw more players under the bus and grab some more no names.
- The questions that should be answered, because fans are asking them, are
So trading Wynne for Labrocca helps our midfield and our team in what ways again?
That saying goodbye to Robbo and Guevara and benching Cronin to give us a midfield of Sanyang, Labrocca, Joseph Nene was meant to do what for TFC?
Asking Brennan to retire in time to start a Latvian left back who was burned down his wing repeatedly in the second half until substituted in a mercy move (that should have included Garcia) was wise in what ways?
I think that the "Mo must go" movement is both understandable, but short sighted. Tossing aside Mo to get more of Preki scares me at this point. For better or worse, TFC is stuck with these two and we have to see if their moves will pay off in the short term. Somebody give Mr. Preki some positive talking points for the month of April. If he continues to be puzzled, he is going to be finding out just how indignant TFC fans can be with his renovation attempt.


Anonymous said...

Mo Johnston is totally responsible for the state of this team! He is the so called director of soccer and must take all the responsibility for this mess. He can no longer be defended for this teams lack of quality and should do the honorable thing and resign and take his buddy Nick Garcia with him.


Volker said...

Time for Mo to GO!!!
Hey, Mr. Petty - Get real!!
Do you want the support to keep up/Better then get a real professional in charge!!