Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mo cries "Somebody stop me, I can no longer tell if I'm cutting or signing"

TFC management in a candid moment of devotion, worshipping the five year plan
There will be a day this spring when the sun shines and the grass will glisten and the team in red will take the field to the roar of the crowd. They will play with energy, zest and a sense of cohesive teamwork. You will cheer and I will cheer and the chaos will be forgotten. Someone will lean over and explain to me both the genius tinkering of Manager Mo and what all those Lost episodes were about. I will laugh like a loon and pat my pocket to ensure that my winning lottery ticket is still there. Then I will get a text message from Tiger Woods and my wife will hand me the Nobel Prize for blogging. Trust me on all of this.

Can I just go to bed now and figure out the Jim Brennan story tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

What the "f" is going on at TFC. This is becoming a nightmare.I thought that during this buy week things would get better player personnel wise. This reminds me so much of the way Danny retired and we still don't have a adequate replacement for him, now Brennen is gone............ What next?


Anonymous said...

great article on the star today.. this gong show needs to end, lets get our shit together tfc, it pains me to think that yet another toronto team is going to the pits.. at this rate.. god help us

Volker said...

OK someone at MLSE figure out that they have something magicla happening, and if they don't wake up, Mo is going to *(&(^ it up.
Wake up MLSE!!!!!! You have the greatest f^%ing fan support on the planet but if you dont get a manager that actually knows what he is doing, you are going to blow it BIG TIME!!!!