Friday, April 2, 2010

Multiple Designated Player rule - The day the fun started

My head is swirling with the names of players who would look good in TFC red. The day of the MLS Cup 2010 press conference I was also expecting information on changes to the Designated Player rule. Here it comes, I thought, when GOL TV interviewed The Garber. But The Garber ducked the DP question from Lee Godfrey. The commish seemed to be putting any roster moves on the back burner. Clearly, I am not a poker player. So just 48 hours later the DP rule was changed. The details are here. Suddenly TFC fans are agog (that's right, I said agog) with the possibilities of a star player or two.

Maybe, just maybe, Mo saw this coming. It would explain his low key approach to trialists during the pre-season. Why bother with out of contract players who can perhaps make a small splash, when bigger fish can be caught in the summer? I would like to see myself as gliding above both a sea of Mo haters, without ever landing on that small island of Mo apologists. Mistakes will always be made when building a team. A little humility goes a long way in the world of bloggers. I was one of those fans who was convinced that Ali Gerba was a great signing for TFC. Mistakes by the lake existed long before Mo came to town

I think that New York sets the pace for Toronto when it comes to how quickly to pursue players. New York has their new stadium and they need to generate buzz. How do you break through in a market dominated by Knicks, Jets and Giants, Yankees and Mets? You follow the Cosmos model. So a NYRB team that contains Angel, Henry and Raul(?) would need a TFC response. Or do you move first and obtain younger stars that will win the Cup this year and let NYRB bring in the bigger names next year? Stay tuned, this will be fun.

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Anonymous said...

As far as a second D.P. for TFC, Mo will either do nothing at all or bring in someone total wrong for the team. Lets hope he does nothing that way it will still be there for the next manager.