Monday, July 8, 2013

Forlan to TFC says Globe&Mail Paul Attfield

So, it is yet to be made official, but I would say that Paul Attfield of the Globe and Mail is a very credible reporter. So when he says "Forlan to TFC" I am ready to believe.

Here is what I wrote on the Globe and Mail report page.

First Tim Leiweke signing and it brings star power. It is not just a "name" grab, he makes sense in the team building TFC has undergone this year. Improvements in the back, Laba as the holding midfielder and now Forlan as the threat and link.
TFC has some moves still to make, youth and skill in the forward spots and action from the wings on the shopping list.

TFC fans, after the Torsten Frings years, have the right to hope first for healthy months ahead for Diego Forlan. At 34, Forlan could be past it. Even if that is the case, the high profile signing strategy  does not seem to be a "one-shot" deal. If you go by Leiweke's style in LA, signing a big star is justified partially by on the field success and also by credibility established for future signings.

Wow, the July 20th game, the next home game vs New York, just became a Hollywood event.

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Troutfc said...

Wow, they've even got you believing!