Sunday, July 21, 2013

Disaster averted, but no firepower NYRB - 0 TFC - 0

Game time and east stand looks empty as usual
I had toyed with the idea of not blogging until the transfer window closes or Payne made a signing...

TFC arrived back in Toronto with a thud. Yes, I was not alone in questioning the spirit and lack of heart to the team.

So, had NYRB come into Toronto and torn the place apart, few would have been surprised. Unhappy yes, surprise no.

Yet TFC never looked all that shaky at BMO in the sunshine. They looked the better team, if you ignored the lack of finish. Caldwell and Henry were firm and steady in the back. Bendik contributed some saves, but overall was underworked.
Brockie and Braun were the striker pairing and I think they are a rough patch. I am puzzled as to why Braun's always shifting out to the wing. It's not that he doesnt get by  his man and sends in a cross, its just that their is nobody the other end to finish. Shouldnt he be the guy at the end of the play?

The other night I was emotional about the loss to Chivas and wrote of sending a few players to the minors for seasoning. Of those I mentioned, Agbossoumonde and Bekker were on the bench all game. The other player who I thought had played his way back to the Bench in LA was Morgan, but I see that Coach Nelsen has more patience and understanding than I. Morgan was ok, but the Convey- Eckersley combination was always the better one.

Osorio and Hall have both played better games. Laba just seems to be smoother each time. Some think that Nelsen won't play a diamond formation, but a midfielder out in front of Laba who can drive the attack forward would be a sight to see.
So in total, the defending seems to be in good shape and the lack of scoring is a growing concern.

Now we return you to your regularly scheduled TFC summer transfer window silence which we join in progress.

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