Sunday, August 11, 2013

Season sinking TFC 1 Seattle 2

August has a "time's up" quality to it in Ontario. You grab your summer moments while you can, knowing that fall is brief and winter's long.

Last night TFC had an "August" performance, perhaps a sense of doing what they could before the inevitable changes hit. Of course, doing what they could involved coming up second best in a lot of departments.

If you based your view of the game on the highlights, you might think that it all hinged on a simple fact. When TFC needed a second goal, Earnshaw hit the post. Earlier, when Seattle needed a second goal TFC knocked it in for them.

Although that was true, the differences went beyond that own goal and post. Seattle were in a comfort zone that Toronto has not experienced all year. The visitors were fluid and economical, very aware of each other to an extent that TFC can only envy. There were too many times when Toronto's attack is either singular or looks like a group of strangers trying to combine into some cohesion.
You had to worry even more when Clint Dempsey came on as a late first half sub. He might not even know the names of half his teammates yet. Despite that he had quality moves and created shots out of little space. He will only get better as he meshes with his new team.

The TFC subs were the expected upgrades, Earnshaw for Weideman, Rey for Lambe. Instead of following that pattern with Elmer for Morgan, the last sub of Braun on for Eckersley was a bit of a head-scratcher. Perhaps TFC is showcasing Braun for a trade because the Payne promised two signings involve a striker?

I felt that Laba had an off night defensively. The silky smooth approach of Seattle forced Laba to chase the ball too often. You do forget that he is facing teams for the first time.

Osorio was chosen as Man of the Match, which was fair enough, but I thought he struggled too. Seattle seemed to be able to pin him back when attacking and then clog the middle when he tried to go forward.
Now 11 games to play and 10 of those against Eastern teams. I am hoping that signings and trades bring in some new faces. Last night's team seems to have maxed out their potential.

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